500ml – 50 washes

* Contains natural lavender essential oil
* Very highly concentrated
* For one wash is enough 10 milliliters
* High washing efficiency in temperatures as low as 30 ̊C
* Contains stain removal
* Fabric color protection
* Fabric wear protection
* Facilitates drying
* Facilitates ironing
* Protects the washing machine from limescale and corrosion
* Without phosphates, zeolites and chlorine
* Super economical use

Made by newest technology, strong concentrated washing gel, only 10ml is enough for one washing – 500ml package will be enough for 50 washings! Such a concentrate! The question is: is it not harmful? We bravely say NO. The product is made from certified top-quality raw materials that complies with all health regulations and therefore not hazardous to your health. Suitable for washing children’s clothes.

Contains 100% natural lavender essential oil, which has a sedative, antibacterial and antiseptic effect.