PROFLINE production

We are manufacturers of laundry and cleaning products. After carefully selecting the highest quality certified raw materials, using the results and experience of laboratory tests, we carry out production according to professional standards.

We offer the customer the highest quality products at an affordable price for both home and professional use.

Our products are safe for you and the environment, meet all health and environmental requirements. Made from raw materials of natural origin, free of phosphates, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, polycarboxylates and other raw materials harmful to humans and the environment.

All products are suitable for use with biological treatment plants.


Housekeeping has become a passion!
This is professional line of laundry and cleaning products for everyone. In terms of maximum concentration, it leads in the number of washes and cleanings.

BEBE Green

This product design received the most smiles at the global Natural & Organic Products Europe and Asia exhibitions. It is laundry detergent suitable for the whole family, including children’s and allergy sufferers.


These are laundry detergents balanced for everyday use. It is the best choice in terms of price and quality.


This highly economical line of laundry detergents is balanced for everyday use.