Profline washing gel “Universal”

5L – 120 washes, 1,5L – 34 washes

* Contains bioactive enzymes
* Highly concentrated
* High washing efficiency in temperatures as low as 30 ̊C
* Contains stain removal
* Fabric color protection 
*  Fabric wear protection
* Protects the washing machine from limescale and corrosion
* Economical use
* Without phosphates, zeolites and chlorine

Universal concentrated washing gel suitable for washing white and colored fabrics – for both hand washing and using a washing machine. Protects tissue colors from fading, also protects the washing machine from limescale and corrosion.

The product is made from certified materials safe for humans and the environment. Does not contain phosphates and other harmful ingredients. The natural origin ingredients perfectly washed different stains.

The detergent has an original, fresh and clean smell.

Advantage: 5L – 120 washes, 1.5L – 34 washes