Washing gel „PREMIUM COLOR“

500ml – 50 washes

* Very highly concentrated
* For one wash is enough 10 milliliters
* High washing efficiency in temperatures as low as 30 ̊C
* Contains stain removal
* Fabric color protection
* Fabric wear protection
* Facilitates drying
* Facilitates ironing
* Protects the washing machine from limescale and corrosion
* Without phosphates, zeolites and chlorine
* Super economical use
* Natural bamboo and blossom scent

Made by newest technology, strong concentrated washing gel, only 10ml is enough for one washing – 500ml package will be enough for 50 washings! Such a concentrate! The question is: is it not harmful? We bravely say NO. The product is made from certified top-quality raw materials that complies with all health regulations and therefore not hazardous to your health. Suitable for washing children’s clothes.

This washing gel characterized by very pleasant bamboo flowers scent, which gives freshness for laundry.